The 7 best free and paid fitness apps for men and women to try in 2022

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Looking to get moving in 2022? Choosing the best fitness app that best fits your needs is step one in your journey.

After two years and counting of living in some form of lockdown, at-home workout apps are still among the best motivators to get in shape — no matter how much you’ve let your routine languish.

“We’re sitting so much more,” Sarah Shoemaker, PT, DPT, at Tribeca’s Spear Physical Therapy, told The Post. “[It’s] going to be very hard to go from zero to 100.”

If you want to get back into working out this month, Shoemaker suggests setting small, manageable goals.

“Always be mindful about what your body can and can’t do. If something starts causing pain, stop and don’t push through just because you think ‘no pain, no gain,’ ” she advised.

Most of the injuries she’s treated this year are from people working out in their homes. Shoemaker urges workout warriors to sweat it out on a mat for a slip-free surface, and set up in front of a mirror, if possible, to monitor and maintain good form.

Her physical therapist colleague, Odalisse Figueroa, agrees that you have to be vigilant when you’re working out at home with an app. “It’s really important to pay attention to verbal cues because no one is there to instruct you,” Figueroa told The Post. And even though you’re in your house, make sure to wear sneakers for the extra support.

No matter what, the best apps involve personal trainers with certifications, said Shoemaker, not just people who like fitness or look hot while working out on social media. Check out a trainer’s qualifications before you commit to following their advice on an app.

Ready to get sweaty? Here are the best fitness apps to try right now.

ClassPass, starting at $19/month for 8 credits

A woman and a man in a workout class in a plank position on yoga mats ClassPass

If you get bored of the same old classes and the monotony of the gym, ClassPass is for you. The app works on a credit-based system, where participating gyms and studios price out their workouts and allow you to take a class using your credits, as opposed to paying high membership fees and needing to attend a certain number of times.

Depending on your location, there are hundreds of participating studios that offer indoor cycling, HIIT classes, yoga, aerial workouts and more. Plus, some spas and wellness treatments can also be booked via ClassPass like massages, manicures and more.

Plans start at eight credits per month for $18 and go all the up to 100 credits for $199, while the standard plan is 38 credits for $79 per month. If you act fast, you can get your first month and 20 credits free, which is enough to try a few classes and see what you like.

P.volve, starting at $14.99/month

A laptop and a phone showing the p.volve workout app p.volve

Get involved in fitness without the need to leave home when you subscribe to P.volve. The online membership comes in a one-month, three-month, six-month and a yearly subscription, starting as low as $14.99 per month on the yearly plan. The digital membership then grants you access to hundreds of on-demand workout videos, access to a profile to track your progress, recipes, nutrition advice and more.

A man doing a stretch and woman coaching him next to a Nike app on a phone showing the pose Nike

Just do it, and by that we mean download the app and get moving. Nike Training Club is free to download and gives you access to workout routines that are made and approved by the athletes at Nike.

Workout videos can be accessed on demand and you can track your progress in the app as well, with a user profile that records past classes as well as any health data you wish to track.

Obé, starting at $27/month

A woman in a pink workout set looks at her TV screen with a fitness app on it Obe

Obé fitness offers thousands of on-demand and live classes designed to do at home, all taught in a mood-boosting pastel-colored studio. For $27 per month or $199 year, these fun body-weight classes fit easily into your schedule, with workouts available on-demand that are as short as 10 minutes. Make your own routine with a combination of dance, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and pilates. If you’re expecting, there are also pre- and post-natal options taught by experts in that realm.

Future Fitness, use our link to get your first month of one-on-one personal training for $19 (normally $149/month) 

A phone and an Apple Watch and AirPods sit on a white marble table Future Fitness

This app may be the future of remote personal training. 

Meet Future Fitness, a workout app that connects you with a Future Coach via text (and a complementary Apple Watch) to help personalize your workout, be them in the gym, outdoors or from home. For a monthly fee of $149, get a tailored workout plan and on-demand exercises and routines to do on your own time, with guidance when you need it from the team at Future. Like hiring a personal trainer in real life, your coach will work with you to create a routine that makes sense for you, taking into account where you like to train, any injuries and limitations and more. Plus, if you just aren’t vibing with your coach, switch to a new one risk-free. 

To sign up for just $19 for your first month be sure to use the below “Buy Now” button, as the code will be automatically applied at checkout.

Alo Moves, starting at $20/month

A woman does crunches holding dumbells in a white Alo Yoga yoga set Jeffrey Reid

Let yoga move you to work out more often.

Alo Moves is the fitness app that brings the practice of yoga to you, wherever you are physically or in terms of your skill level. By the yoga clothing company, Alo Moves not only has guided yoga practices and meditations, but also has a library full of other fitness videos, including HIIT, pilates, core and more. Plus, for 2022, Alo Moves has added 100 new classes a month, new Pilates reformer content and more, so be sure to check the app if you haven’t been in a while.

Your first month is a free one, and after that membership costs $20 per month, or $199 for the full year, but for the month of January, sign up now and get 50% off a yearly membership.

Brrrn Board, starting at $14.99/month

A man works out on a board in his living room Brrrn Board

Feel the burn and never get bored of working out on a board.

The Brrrn Board and corresponding membership app is a new and fun way to use your bodyweight to get fit. First, check out the actual board, which costs $229 for a five-foot or $299 for a six-foot adjustable board. Then, sign up for a monthly membership starting at just $14.99 per month and gain access to hundreds of classes, teaching you to slide, balance, sculpt and more using your Brrrn Board. The subscription comes with a seven-day free trial, and also other non-board related workouts, such as yoga, cardio, weight training and more.

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